jack vance VIE volume 44 Vance Integral Edition

De prevalentie voor dementie was hoger in de IBD-groep, net als apotheek de leeftijd, het geslacht, het ras, de opleiding en het inkomen.

Portrait of Jack Vance.
Frontispiece etching of VIE volume #44: 'Wild Thyme
and Violets, Other Unpublished Works, and Addenda'

The Vance Integral Edition project, successfully concluded in 2006, gathered and restored the work of Jack Vance in a 44 volume edition. The all-volunteer project broke new ground in textual restoration methodology and internet use, coordinating the efforts of hundreds of volunteers world-wide. During the years of its activity the project generated a multitude of Vance related information and resources; the mission of Foreverness is to preserve and perpetuate the project's achievements by making these resources accessible.
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Cosmopolis published in 3 volumes and Extant in 1 volume, and the VIE GRAPHICS volume
Go to these pages for information about these 5 folio volumes, publishing 63 issues of Cosmopolis, 23 issues of Extant and 300 pages of VIE graphics. Subscription is closed per April 27th.

Cosmopolis & Extant
The VIE newsletters are an abundant resource of literary essays, Vance interviews and biographical information, textual expos�s, typographical theory and many other subjects. Foreverness makes this material accessible via subject indexes. Last issue, January 08, Extant 23

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The Vance Integral Edition
Images, methods, history.

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VIE vocabulary search tool of Vance's work: public version.

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A  board devoted to people who wish to interact about Jack Vance, his work and the VIE.

Editions Andreas Irle
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The Cosmopolis Literary Supplement
From pastiche to serious Vance-influenced fiction.

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