Final Titles from the Vance Integral Edition





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Final Titles from the Vance Integral Edition

 The following titles are available, with prices as shown, as of March 30, 2007

Readers� Science Fiction Volume

A single volume similar to the binding of the Readers� Integral Edition. Contains The Languages of Pao and The Dragon Masters.

Price with domestic shipping and insurance: $125.

 Readers� Ellery Queen Volume

A single volume with cover similar to the binding of the Readers� Integral Edition. Contains three short stores written by Jack Vance under contract to Ellery Queen: Strange She Hasn�t Written, Death of a Solitary Chess Player, and The Man Who Walks Behind. Due to drastic editorial changes on the part of the Ellery Queen organization, Jack Vance did not permit the publication of these works with the Integral Edition. However, during research for the Integral Edition, partial manuscripts for the three works were discovered on the reverse side of other Vance manuscripts. The texts were restored to Jack�s original manuscripts to the greatest extent possible, and Mr. Vance permitted their publication. These restored texts are unavailable anywhere except in this volume or the Deluxe Ellery Queen Volume.

Price with domestic shipping and insurance: $150.

 Individual Volumes from the Integral Edition

Some Readers� bindings of individual volumes of the Integral Edition will become available some 45 days after the final shipment of the full sets. The contents of the individual volumes are available on the web site noted below. Very limited quantities.

Volumes available: 6, 8, 11, 12, 17, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30, 31, 36, 37, 38, 40, 42.

Take special note of these volumes:

Volume 6: Golden Girl and other Stories; a lovely collection of short stories including Abercrombie Station and Cholwell�s Chickens,

Volume 11: The House on Lily Street and The View From Chickweed�s Window; two mystery novellas difficult to find and just haunting,

Volume 17: The Moon Moth and Other Stories; The Moon Moth is one of Jack�s or anyone�s finest short stories. Also included is Dodkin�s Job, simply hilarious.

Volumes 29, 30, & 31: The three Alastor novels. Excellent, excellent, excellent.

Volumes 36, 37 & 38: The Lyonesse trilogy. Complete. Perfect.

Volume 42: Night Lamp. Beyond a doubt, one of Jack�s best �science fiction� works

Price with domestic shipping and insurance: $100


Readers� and Deluxe Integral Editions

Sold Out


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