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Bound Extant
We decided that it would be nice to have a bound Extant also. It will be in the same format and printing as the bound Cx3. So it is possible to order this also.
The price of this volume will be approx. 75 euro's (excluding p&p)

The Graphics volume
This book will contain  all of the VIE graphics (over 600 images) but also notes about their  history and development. The book is over 300 pages. It will be a beautiful companion to your VIE set.

We have a sample of this book available. You can download it here

Note that it contains only a few sample pages of the original. Also  the QUALITY of the graphics HAS BEEN REDUCED to keep the file 'downloadable' but it will give you an impression what it will be like. The images in the original will be sharp and crisp. Also, the books will be printed in black and white only. So photo's and other pictures will be converted from colour to B&W.

The price of this book will also be around 75 euro's (excluding p&p)

Ordering information
It is no longer possible to order these books.

Some sample pages from the Graphics Volume: has the best choice