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The VIE Vision (Mazirian, Die Doma�nen von Koryphon, Bodissy, F. Herbert, Azimov, S. Lem, Bradbury, Twain, Stevenson, Dickens, Balzac), p1, Paul Rhoads.

The New Textual Integrity Principles (Palace of Love, Star King, Killing Machine), p4, Alun Hughes

Response to Paul Rhoads� Vision of the VIE, p7, Alun Hughes



The Font in Question, p4, Paul Rhoads

Is Vance a Science Fiction Author? ( Narnia, The Wizard of Oz, H.G. Wells, 1984, Brave New World, Martian Chronicles, Dune, Wodehouse, Praxiteles, Michelangelo, Tolkein, H.C. Anderson, Dunsany, Ovid, Dante, Gogol, Jane Austen, Shakespeare, Balzac, Thackery, Niven, Aldiss, Clark), p5, Paul Rhoads



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Textual Integrity�Will Anyone Notice the Difference? (The Augmented Agent, Dead Ahead, The Dragon Masters, The World Between, The Moon Moth, The Narrow Land, Gold and Iron, Cugel the Clever, The Pleasant Grove Murders, The Fox Valley Murders, The House on Lily Street, The View from Chickweeds Window, Ecce and Old Earth), p3, Alun Hughes

Some Reactions to Critical Appreciations (Science Fiction, Anthropology, Boy�s Stories, Vance heroines, Science and Soft Science, Languages of Pao, Dragon Master, Cadwal, Durdane, Dragon Masters, Rhialto the Marvellous, Houses of Iszm, Marune, Republic, Gulliver, Solaris, Werther, Machiavelli, Dan Simmons, Tom Shippey, A. Sisley, Titian, R.L. Stevenson, Melville, Twain, J. London, J. Austen, Machiavelli, Van Vogt), p5, Paul Rhoads

What is Science Fiction? (The Moon Moth, The Last Castle, The Gate to Woman�s Country, Engine Summer, Circus World, The Physics of Imortality, Azimov), p15, Bob Lacovara



The Question of Format, p2, Andreas Irle

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Quoins, Typman & Frisket, p12, John Foley

The VIE Font: Amiante and the History of Typography, p6, Paul Rhoads

VIE Statistics (Vocabulary analysis, Defoe, Hardy, London, Wodehouse, Poe, Scott, Zen and Art of Motorcycle Maintenance), p4, Koen Vyverman

The Gastric Imperitive, p13, George Rhoads

Is Jack Vance a Science Fiction Writer? p15, Andy Gilham

The Trouble with Science Fiction (reply to Gilham), p16, Paul Rhoads

Related comments: Lee Lewis (Araminta Station, Lyonesse, Mazirian), Bob Lacovara (Cadwal, Moon Moth), David Hecht (Sail 25, Gift of Gab, Ullward�s Retreat, Dodkin�s Job, Brave New World, 1984, How Few Remain [Harry Turtledove], Stars and Stripes Forever [Harry Harrison], H.G. Wells, J. Verne, Asimov)



A Studied Whimsy (Lyonesse), p1, Timothy Virkkala

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Textual Criticism & the VIE: Approches to Textual Restoration (Fox Valley Murders, Mazirian the Magician, Cugel the Clever, The World Thinker, I�ll Build Your Dream Castle, The Anome, Emphyrio, Clarges, Abercrombie Station, The Augmented Agent, The Magnificent Showboats�, Gold and Iron, Wyst, The Man in the Cage, The Languages of Pao, The House on Lily Street, The View from Chickweed�s Window, Vandals of the Void, Bad Ronald, Tschai, The Dragon Masters, Nopalgarth, The Last Castle, Dark Ocean, The Houses of Iszm), p2, Alun Hughes

Vancian Punctuation (Wyst, The Murth), p8, Paul Rhoads

VIE Format Introduction (Format Sample: Trullion), p10, Joel Anderson

Anti-Amiante, p10, Richard Anderson

Response to Anti-Amiante, p11, Paul Rhoads



Reflections on The Cadwal Chronicles, p6, Paul Rhoads

Reading Versus Proofreading, p19, Steve Sherman

OCR Errors, p22, Chris Corley

Letters: Reaction to Amiante: Russ Wilcox, John Ashmead, Richard Anderson, Jeff Anderson, Bob Lacovara, Andy Gilham, Paul Rhoads



Typography (font comparisons and sizes), p3, Paul Rhoads

Double Digitization, p6, Richard Chandler, Paul Rhoads

Are Subscribers Customers? p11, Paul Rhoads



44 Volume Plan, p1, Paul Rhoads



Vocabulary/Dictionary Analysis Engine, p7, Koen Vyverman

Crushing the Lemon: Practical Use of the VDAE, p10, Patrick Dusoulier

News from the Ivory Tower: Textual Integrity on the March! p13, Tim Stretton



Wild Thyme and Violets (Stark, Red-hot Jazzing Seven, Strange People, Domains of Koryphon, Wyst, Cadwal, DP, The Charwoman�s Shadow), p2, Paul Rhoads

Sci-Fi Redux #2, p10, Tonio Leowald, Paul Rhoads

Is Vance a {Insert Genre Here} Writer? p10, Tonio Loewald

Paul Rhoads Replies, p11

The Book of Dreams, p4, Patrick Dusoulier

Wyst, p6, Tim Stretton

European TI Conference, p7, Tim Stretton.

VIE Frontispieces, p12, Paul Rhoads



Will the Popularization of Jack Vance Save the West from Plunging into a New Dark Age? (Socrates, Scientism, Aristophanes, Umberto Eco, Solzhenitsyn), p1, Paul Rhoads



Oakland TI Conference, p1,Tim Stretton

Double Digitization, p14, Chris Corley

Double Digitization Techniques, p15, Paul Rhoads

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Reflections on Contemporary Literature, Part 1 (Paul Auster�s Leviathan, Woody Allen, Trullion, The Pnume), p3, Paul Rhoads

TI Trivia Quiz, p2, Tim Stretton



Post-Proofing Guidelines, p6, Chris Corley

Correcting �The Book of Dreams�, p13, Patrick Dusoulier

Who Cares if Vance is a Sci-Fi Author? (Reaction to A. Feht in C14, Materialism, Flesh Mask, Parapsyche, Jane Austen), p17, Paul Rhoads

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Reaction to Reflections on Contemporary Literature, Part 1, p21, Bill Sherman

Response to Bill Sherman, p22, Paul Rhoads



Composition, p2, John Foley

Format Development (sample page: Wyst), p3, Paul Rhoads

Idle Thoughts of an Idle VIE Volunteer (Meet Miss Universe, The Murthe), p5, Paul Rhoads

Reaction to Reflections on Contemporary Literature, Part 1, p8, Timothy Virkkala

Response to Timothy Virkkala, p9, Paul Rhoads

The Christian Aspect, p8, James Jordan



Gift Volume published, p1, (the Editors)

My VIE Story, p17, Paul Rhoads

Double Digitization Up-date, p17, Paul Rhoads

Correcting Suldrun�s Garden, The Dragon Masters, Tschai, etc. p2, Steve Sherman, Norma Vance, Ron Chernich, Tim Stretton, Paul Rhoads

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Supreme Warlord of Fruit Ices (The Stochastic Vancifyier), p16. Koen Vyverman

The Christian Aspect, p21, Ed Winskill



VIE Statistics Part II: Scaling the Purple Peaks of Pulp, p9, Koen Vyverman

The Christian Aspect, p18, Paul Rhoads



Reflections on being a Vance Reader, in Light of the War on the West (World Trade Center, anti-Westernism, Christianity, Domains of Koryphon, Till Noever, Stockhausen, Bosnia), p3, Paul Rhoads

The Christian Aspect (letters): Rob Friefeld, Evert Jan de Groot



Frankfurt Book Fair Paul Rhoads, Koen Vyverman

The Christian Aspect (letters): Steve Sherman, Paul Rhoads, Malcolm Bowers



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Alfred�s Arc, p6, Paul Rhoads

The Christian Aspect (letter), Till Noever



The VIE Text Flow, p1, Joel Riedesel

Project Report, p6, Paul Rhoads

The Mathematical Vance (Morreion, Ecce-Old Earth, Rumfuddle), p9, Richard Chandler

In Favor of Science Fiction? (draft introduction to Science Fiction volume; Trullion, Dragon Masters, Substandard Sardines, Gift of Gab, Lyonesse, Moon Moth, Maske:Thaery, Palace of Love, Rapparee, Iszm, Emphyrio, Durdane, Tschai, Star King, Swift, J. Verne, H.G. Wells, Huxley, E.G. Burroughs, G.K. Chesterton), p10, Paul Rhoads

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Reactions to: In Favor of Science Fiction, Mike Ralston, Derek W. Benson, Rob Gerrand, James Jordan

The Christian Aspect (letters), David G.D. Hecht, Bob Lacovara, Till Noever



Engineers and Artists (Chickweed�s Window, Book of Dreams, Madouc), p3, Paul Rhoads

Vance in France (Crisis of the West), p5, Paul Rhoads

The Christian Aspect (letters), Rob Gerrand, Paul Rhoads, David G.D. Hecht, Ed Winskill, Till Noever



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Big Planet, Big Scissors, p8, Patrick Dusoulier

The Man in the Cage, p20, Suan Yong.

Locus Review Reviewed (Alfred�s Arc, Dodkin�s Job, The Murthe, Gift of Gab, Night Lamp, Solzhenitsyn, Saving Private Ryan, Schindler�s List), p22, Paul Rhoads

The Christian Aspect (letter), Till Noever



The Science Fiction Volume, p1, (the Editors)

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Microsoft Buys Afghanistan, p8, Bob Lacovara.

The Durdane Cycle, p13, Suan Yong

The Christian Aspect (letters): Bob Lacovara, Paul Rhoads



The Logan Square Book Club vs. Jack Vance, p1, Chuck King

Reaction to: The Logan Square Book Club vs. Jack Vance, p29, Derek Benson

Jacks: London and Vance, p8, Paul Rhoads

An Antidote to the Modern Educational Malaise, p20, William Tahil

Remarks on Dictonaries, p6, Paul Rhoads

'Is is' and Jack Vance's Colons, p19, George Rhoads

The Christian Aspect (letters): John Rappel



How to Kill Dogs, and Other Jack Vance Reminiscences, p2, David Alexander

Reaction to The Logan Square Book Club vs. Jack Vance (Emphyrio, Night Lamp), p6, Paul Rhoads

More About Vance and Science Fiction (Huddleston interview with Vance, Wyst, Timothy Virkkala, Byron Marshall, Paul Rhoads), p12, Paul Rhoads

Science Fiction, Astrology, Makers of Talismans, p22, Paul Rhoads

Letter, p27, Paul Rhoads



Depth and Character Development (Night Lamp, Dragon Masters, Miracle Workers, Wyst, Pnume, Gold/Iron, Bad Ronald, Four Johns, Araminta Station, Marune, Moon Moth, Emphyrio, Lyonesse, Durrell, Fukuyama, Dostoevski, Tolstoy, Robbe-Grillet, Jane Austen, Jaques Tati, Twain, Tales of Hoffman, Mozart), p8, Timothy Virkkala, Byron Marshall, Paul Rhoads

Reaction to The Logan Square Book Club vs. Jack Vance, p24, John Avelis Jr.

The Christian Aspect (letters): John Rappel, Rob Gerrand   



GM1: Paul Rhoads, Bob Lacovara, Joel Anderson, Marcel van Genderen

Plot, Schplot!, p10, Jeremy Cavaterra

Literary Depth Redux (Ford Madox Ford�s The Good Soldier and Wyst), p12, Paul Rhoads

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The Christian Aspect (letter): Bruce Downing



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A Syncretic Phylology of the Vancian Locale, p16, Paul Rhoads

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Lurulu Completed, p1, John Vance

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The Case of the Missing Hyphens: The Moon Moth Experiment, p5, Suan Yong

C�est la VIE (VIE texts in French, Space Opera, Three Legged Joe), p6, Patrick Dusoulier



The Milan Packing Caper, p2, Patrick Dusoulier

A Note on The Houses of Iszm, p5, Rob Friefeld

A Note on The Narrow Land, p5, Richard Chandler

Why Do We Review�III (Pleasant Grove Murders), p6, Steve Sherman,



Wave 1 Packing, p1, Paul Rhoads

A Week in the Life of Packing Scum, p7, Luke McMath

The Case of the Missing Vance (Ellery Queen), p9, Richard Chandler

The Palace of Statistics (Palace of Love), p10, Patrick Dusoulier

Letters: Reaction to Wave 1



Milan Packing, p4, John Edwards

Textport, p8, Paul Rhoads

Restoration Notes, p5, Paul Rhoads

Notes and Photos from Torriani (VIE bindery), p11, Paul Rhoads

Vance on Vance, p1, Richard Chandler

The Unspeakable McInch (quotation), p5, Paul Rhoads

Alain Finkielkraut and Cadwal, p15, Paul Rhoads

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Amiante x-height, and �g�, p24, Paul Rhoads

Letters: Wave 1



It Really Happened! (Vance at Macron 38), p1, David B. Williams

Wave 1 Pagination Errors, p5, Suan Yong

About Wave 1, p7, Paul Rhoads

The Man from Zodiac (Government for barbarians), p8, Paul Rhoads

Science and the Science Fiction of Jack Vance (Clarges, Killing Machine, Narrow Land), p15, Paul Rhoads

Letters: Wave 1



A Jack Vance Biography, p1, Norma Vance

J.V. and the Appreciation of Good Food (and Good Wine), p23, Max Ventura

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The Sacred Hills of Erevan, The Fruits of Conduce, p5, Rob Friefeld

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Where Have All the Radios Gone? (Lyonesse, Mazirian, Cugel, Star Trek, Jules Verne, E.G. Burroughs), p21, Ian Jackson

The Christian Aspect (letter): Steven Sullivan

Letters: Wave 1



A Different View of Jack Vance, p1, Norma Vance

Fun at the Mugar (Treasures on the verso), p6, Chuck King

Jack's Punch Line (the drink), p7, Patrick Dusoulier

Uncle vs. Grandfather (Demon Princes), p7, Steve Sherman

Diacriticals, p11, (the Editors)

�Marvellous� TI matters; a Conversation, p12, Derek Bensen, Patrick Dusoulier, Steve Sherman, Paul Rhoads, Tim Stretton.

VIE vs Underwood Miller, p14, Paul Rhoads

Equine Flatulence, Anyone? p14, Paul Rhoads

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Book Repair for Fun and Profit, p29, Suan Yong

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A Post-Modernist International Bestseller (The Life of Pi, South Park), p18, Paul Rhoads

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Letters: Reaction to Is Jack Vance Anti-Christian?



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Jack in the Cage, p2, Patrick Dusoulier

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Poem (Tom S. Merda), p38, Paul Rhoads



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VIE Text Based Commercial Publications, p6, Paul Rhoads

(Brief Notice: Lurulu), p6, Paul Rhoads

South Park Revisited, p8, Paul Rhoads

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Empire, Colonization, Globalization and the Gaean Reach, p12, Paul Rhoads

Art Is Fantasy (Ports of Call, Fragonard, Michelangelo, Titian, Churchill), p13, Paul Rhoads



The Ellery Queen volume, p1

The Euro-Dollar Exchange Rate, p5, Paul Rhoads

Vance VIE Bibliographic Information, p5, Paul Rhoads

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Jack Vance On: (Fame, Family, Logic), p13, Rob Gerrand



Tidbits (Mowing), p3, Rob Friefeld

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Crusade to Maxus (Coping with a strongly revised version), p7, Paul Rhoads

The Blue World (Short comment), p15, Steve Sherman

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The Mathematical Vance, Part 5 (The first 11 prime numbers), p22, Richard Chandler

Jack Vance On: (Dogmatism, Faith, Morality), p24, Rob Gerrand



The Mathematical Vance, Part 6 (Star King), p5, Richard Chandler

Vance in France (Publication news), p3, (the Editors)

TI notes (Blue World, p7; Killing Machine, p8; Ports of Call, p9), Paul Rhoads

Sinister Old Men in Institute Black versus Breakness Dominies (Also: politically motivated editorial revisionism), p10, Paul Rhoads

Jack Vance On: (Aspiration, Men and Women, etc.), p18, Rob Gerrand



Some News from the French Publishing Front, p3, (Patrick Dusoulier)

The End of TI, p4, Steve Sherman

Myth, and a Vancian Anatomy of the New Culture (Tolkein, Heidegger, Paxton, Vancian villains compared), p7, Paul Rhoads

Don't Look Now! Jack Vance's Dire Beasts and Ghastly Fiends (Ghouls, Asms, Night Men, Phung, Merlings, Morphotes), p19, David B. Williams

Jack Vance On: (Food, Emphathy, etc.), p23, Rob Gerrand

The Mathematical Vance, Part 7 (Locating Thamber), p24, Richard Chandler



Cosmopolis: 50 Issues Down the Road, p20, Bob Lacovara

A Note on TI (the TI Process), p7, Paul Rhoads

Yet More Editorial Fiddling (Briefly noted: The Absent Minded Professor), p, Paul Rhoads

Visual Jazz (Art and Liturature as Music; Shakespeare, Paintings by George Rhoads, Variations on The Face), p9, Paul Rhoads

The Vancian Pursuit of Whiskey Appreciation, Revisited, p8, Chuck King

The Mathematical Vance #7 (Planetary masses), p19, Richard Chandler



Talking About the VIE, p1, Linn�a Anglemark

Blue World CRT Notes (Winks, Geography), p3, Paul Rhoads

Talking with Matthew Paris (Ellery Queen, Jeffery Farnol), p4, Paul Rhoads

Dire Beasts and Sunsets (A Reaction to David Williams, sunsets, dryads, vancian natural beatuy, G.B. Shaw), p5, Paul Rhoads

Fiddles and Fonts (Proportions of letters and violins), p10, Paul Rhoads



How Your Contribution is Helping the VIE into Being, p2, Tim Stretton

Golden Master 3.1, p3, (the Editors)

The Artist as Engineer and Other Considerations (A meditation on The Man in the Cage, taverns, the T�sais-Malanthe syndrome, Arab nationalism, subjectivity), p6, Paul Rhoads

Errata (Star King), p12, Paul Rhoads



Jack Vance as Artist, p4, David Reitsema

The Development of Vancian Cosmological Sociology (Houses of Iszm, Dogtown), p9, Paul Rhoads

Very Topical Thoughts on Durdane (The Asutra as interpretive tool of Bush-hate), p10, Paul Rhoads

50 Winks (Blue World), p5, Paul Rhoads

More VIE Work Notes (Showboats, Kragen, Killing Machine), p6, Paul Rhoads



GM3.2 Report, p2 Tim Stretton

GM3.2 Report, p9, Paul Rhoads

First Lurulu Publication, p8, Andreas Irle

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Stemma Dilemma, The Problem with Star King, p11, Paul Rhoads

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Picture Quiz: pages 5, 11 and 29, Paul Rhoads



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Several Ways of Looking at Jack Vance, p19, Matthew Paris



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More BBS BS (Casmir, Woudiver, homophobia), p6, Paul Rhoads, D. B. Williams, P. Dusoulier

Another Vancean Convocation, p7, David B. Williams



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The Euro, p7, Paul Rhoads

Letter (VIE Titles), p26, David B. Williams

How to Praise Lurulu (Cervantes, Chr�tien de Troyes, structure of Ports of Call-Lurulu, Myron�s loves), p8, Paul Rhoads



A Visit With Jack Vance: 1967, p1, Guy H. Lillian III

What Is a VCR? p6, Paul Rhoads

Rlaru, Lurulu, and the Grand Tournament at Mornune (Culture and morality, Jean Palier, maps for Space Opera), p9, Paul Rhoads

More Thoughts on VIE Titles (Reaction to David B. Williams), p16, Paul William Rhoads

The Mathematical Vance (Rogol Domedonfors), p19, William Tahil



Wave 1 Errata, p4, Paul Rhoads

The European Union and the Vancian Imperiums (EU, America and Gaean Reach, the EU SUV, Connatic, Anome, Christianity, Turkey), p7, Paul Rhoads

Letter (VIE titles, influence of C.A. Smith), p21, David B. Williams

End Note (Celebrating the VIE), p22, David Reitsema



Title Mania Redux (Reaction to David B. Williams in Cosmopolis#59), p3, Paul Rhoads



Volume 44 Frontispiece: Vance Portrait, p1, Paul Rhoads

Jack and Frank, p6, David B. Williams

TI Revealed, p34, Rob Friefeld



Scrolls of Honor for VIE Volunteers, p1, Paul Rhoads

The Vancian Theologico-Political Attitude (Greatest generation, geometrical passions, vancian skeptism, Heidegger, purple magic, teleology of shopping), p3, Paul Rhoads

Cartoons by George Rhoads: Men of Snow, p5; Sperm Guys, p7; Compassion Man, p11; Thwarted! p16

Vance On: (Modern art, lust, slander�), p17, Paul Rhoads



Wave 2 In Milan, p1, Paul Rhoads

Letter: Kudos for Vance and VIE, p38, Jim Lee

A Salute to Post-Proofers, p7, Chris Corley

The SAS� System (Totality revealed), p14, Koen Vyverman (see �post facto, Cosmopolis 62)

Jack Vance, An Ad Hoc Individual (Interview with Charles Platt), p10, David B. Williams



Notes on the American Literary Tradition (R.H. Dana, H. Melville, Vance), p1, Paul Rhoads

Persona, Culture, And The Flight Of The Winged Being (Masks, quests, Phalid�s Fate, Solzhenitsyn), p2, Paul Rhoads

Can Pnume Swim? p17, Michael Parsons



EQ Volume Update, p1, Chuck King

End of the Road (VIE Memoirs), p2, Tim Stretton

VIE Library Dontations, p4, Dave Reitsema

Second Printing, p7, Paul Rhoads

The French Connection (Blue World), p10, Paul Rhoads

Letter (Learning about Vance in Cosmopolis), p11, Derek W. Benson

End Note (Reflection on the VIE project), p12, Dave Reitsema

A Concourse of VIE volumes, p7, Paul Rhoads



Frederico Bodoni, The Mozart of Typography, p2, Paul Rhoads

Cri de C�ur (Reaction to Derek Benson), p7, Paul Rhoads



Wave 2 Transhipment, p1, Bob Lacovara

Testimonials from VIE Managers: Steve Sherman, Bob Luckin, Marcel van Genderen, Chuck King, Damien Jones, The VIE board, John and Norma Vance, Jack Vance

Post Facto, p9, Koen Vyverman



Plans for Second Printing Packing in Milan, p1, Paul Rhoads

The Plot of Blue World, p3, by Paul Rhoads

Tatooed Woman (poem), p8, Matty Paris

The Fabulous Ordinaries (spam), p8, Matty Paris

The New Italian Renaissance (spam), p9, Matty Paris



Between Heaven and Earth (Alfred�s Ark, Lyonesse), p1, Paul Rhoads

The Great VIE Debate (Illustrated), p12, Paul Rhoads versus Alexander Feht



Second Printing Packing, Wave 1 and 2 Errata, p1, Paul Rhoads

So Long And Thanks For All The Work! p2, Robin Rouch

Comment On Rob Friefeld�s TI Article (Draft assessment of TI accomplishment, Wyst geography), p3, Paul Rhoads

Vance�s Writings And The Saga Of Religious Belief (The religous impact of Adam Reith), p8, Michael Parsons

Style And The Spenglerian Atmosphere, p12

The Three Little Pigs: An American Parable, p19, Matty Paris



The French Connection (Lurulu translation), p11

Notes From the Front: �The 4 Johns� p1, by Rob Friefeld

Cadwal And The New Menace Of Ecological-hegemony, p4, by Paul Rhoads

The Butch McDonald Memorial Fund, p9, Matty Paris

Reaction The Saga Of Religious Belief, p10, Paul Rhoads



Strange She Hasn�t Written, End Note Sign-on, p1, (the Editors)

The Pulpish Plot (Vance influence on E.C. Tubb, Demon Princes, Men Return, Cugel), p3, Paul Rhoads

Letter: re Tissue Engeneering book, reference to Clarges, p22, Richard Chandler

Letter: question of VIE copyrights, p21, John Edwards

Reply to VIE copyright question, p22, Paul Rhoads



Extra Sets and Volumes, p1, Paul Rhoads

Vancian Perspectives (Marbourough, Dotzauer, cello), p4, Paul Rhoads

Tolerance, A Vancian Perspective, p12, Paul Rhoads



Vie Project Up-Date, (state of project illustrated with passage from Sulwin�s Planet), p1, Paul Rhoads

The VIE In Paperback: Edition Andreas Irle, p1

Taking The ISR Online, p2, Koen Vyverman

Reactions To Wave 2 Delivery, p18, Suan Yong

Between Infinity And The Eliatic Illusion (Vancian metaphysical atmosphere, Aristotle�s dispute with Plato, Anaxagoras, Situation of Infinity, The paradox of the pet animal), p3, Paul Rhoads

The Respectful Caricature (cartoon), p13, Paul Rhoads

Mysoft Systems Presents: I-God, p18, Matty Paris

16th Century Chasch (engraving), p18, Richard Chandler

Dan Gunter: Typography Expert, p14, Paul Rhoads



A Thousand Words About Pictures (Jacques-Emile Blanche, Biton), p1, Paul Rhoads

My Uncle�s Library, p3, Paul Rhoads

Religious Headgear (cartoon), p12, Paul Rhoads

Prophetic Appeals (cartoon), p14, Paul Rhoads



The Wizard of Oz in Ellery Queen, p1, Paul Rhoads

A Commendation for the Seldom-Thanked (Long version of Chuck�s Ellery Queen Intro), p2, Chuck King

Democratic Art (Last Castle, modern democracy, Leo Strauss, differences between Aristocratic, bourgeois and democratic art), p3, Paul Rhoads

Sickness is the Cure (Doc Doom destroys human life), p23, Paul Rhoads

Termite Nation, p24, George Rhoads

New Music, Erotic Elder Abuse, p24, Matty Paris



The Gaean Reach Setting, p 3, Paul Rhoads, Tim Stretton, Chuck King.

A Vance Treasury, p 5, Paul Rhoads

The Domains of Koryphon, Perceiving Vance, Aesthetically and Ideologically, p 8, Paul Rhoads



A Letter From Bob Luckin, and VIE news, p1

Editions Andreas Irle, Lyonesse Published, p1

A Visit with the Vances in 1995, p2, Paul Rhoads

Jack Kirby Illustrates Jack Vance ? p10

The Symbolism of Color: from spengler to vance, p11

A Pathetic Farce, in a Prologue and 6 Acts, p14
Vance�s Work: an Overview, (wikipedia), p25

Echoes in the Ether: Joel Andersen, David Stuart, Acquired Taste, p26



The Vancian delights of Herodotus, p1, Paul Rhoads

Beginnings and endings: From Big Planet to Lurulu, p16, David B. Williams

Some theoratical aspects of the Domains of Koryphon, p18, Paul Rhoads

Vancian spelling and The Norma Factor, 25, comments on comments by Patrick Dusoulier and David B. Williams, Paul Rhoads

Sri Chutraprandra: Master of the Noble Surface, Matty Paris

Cartoon: The Judgements of Imam Pedala Sezz, Paul Rhoads



Thinking About Vance, p1 Paul Rhoads
the mystery of the mysteries
polemical Vance
the svu, Vance�s marxian stratum

Investment Horizon, p6, a story by Greg Hansen

The Magnetonic Wight and Two Other Stories, p10, by Joel Anderson, reviewed by Tim Stretton

Cartoon : The Judgements of Imam Pedala Sezz, p11, Paul Rhoads



VIE Update, p1, Paul Rhoads

Echoes in the Ether, p2 David B. Williams, Laurance Stern

VIE Document Archive, p4, Tim Stretton

The Lost Queen, p10, by George Rhoads, chapters 1-5

Pataphysical Book Reviews, p16, by Matty Paris

Last and Least, p19 (about the lost Queen)


Jack Vance's Lost Worlds and Ancient Futures, p1, David B. Williams

POP Sci-Fi goes Post-Modern, and related reflections, p5, Paul Rhoads

The return of the King, p15, Greg Hansen

VIE document archive, p17
  Coup de Grace: The cor-B1 end-notes

Cyber Follies, p26
  Chris Corley writes to the president
  Scraping the sludge of the bottom

Pataphysical spam, p29, Matty Paris
  Robot Mariage
  Ubetsu: Private Languages
  Quantitive Justice Now!
  Kangaroo Track
  The Oxford Manual: How to marry yourself

Echoes in the ether, p31
  Vie Graphics, Bound Cosmopolis, Lulu Vance
  Vance names starting with 'J' and shifting viewpoints
  H. Kalervo of Finland uses VIE resources

Shameless promotion, p35
  'The Dog of the North' by Tim Stretton
  Painting show in Chinon, France: Paul Rhoads
  3 illustrations from 'The Lost Queen'


Recent VANCE Publications, p1
English, Lulu, German, French

JACK VANCE and Science Fiction, p3
Foreword to the VIE 'Science Fiction volume', rewritten for Extant

VIE Documents, p10
The Cadwal Chronicles, notes from the v-texts

Echoes in the Ether, p27
A small critique (Peter Wewalwala)
An amusing homage from Dan Simmons (Alain Shremmer)
Orlo, a heretic; Durdane foreshadowings (David B. Williams)
Genre prejudice (Ed Winskill)
Real world IPCC
VIE Customer Service (Hans van der Veeke)
Bound Cosmopolis (Brian Gharst)



Cugel's Pedigree, p1
Four Expressions of the Archetypal Peripatetic Scamp an Antic Overview, by Paul Rhoads

Adverse selection, p7
A Rollicking Tale of Interstellar Insurance Sales by Greg Hansen

Echoes in the ether, p14
The �Influence Thread�: Vance and Star Trek
Defending Amiante (Frans)
Pro-Bound Cosmopolis (Hans van der Veeke)

Cyber follies, p22
Anti-Bound Cosmopolis
Holkerwoyd Unmasked
Nicknike and the Mysterous Milanese Sets

Pataphysical spam from Matty Paris, p40
The Jerk Encyclopedia
The Museum of Ideological History
Be Calm and Pleasure Free
Annals of Retrograde Evolution
The Justice League of America
Reptile Therapy

The Lost Queen, The Dog of the North, Victory of the West, p42

Last and least, p43


The inner darkness of the winged being, p1
The mystery novels, character development, Ports of Call

Up with Upfield!, p10
The Bony novels of Arthur Upfield

A Tribute to Richard Heaps, Carol Barnes, p15

A glimmer of Murial Spark, p16
Loitering With Intent

VIE documents, p17
Gold and Iron; the VIE ending:
Steve Sherman, Tim Stretton, Patrick Dusoulier, Alun Hughes

The French political new wave, 23
S�go versus Sarko : the Presidential Campaign of 2007

Faces of immortality, p34
Except from a novel in progress, by J. Evertt

Cyber follies, p35
Dan Gunter and the Washington State Bar Association
Lulu; easy gal?
Father Gander�s Rhyming Flames (x rated)

Last and least, p48
Games, illustrations, End Note


Happy Triumph: Putting a Period to the VIE Adventure, by Greg Hansen, p1

Utopia 98: The Vance's Last European Adventure by Paul Rhoads, p7

Heidegger and Cars Reconsidered, by George Rhoads, p20

Cyber Follies:
Dan Gunter Has No Friends, p21
A Testimonial to the VIE, by Bruce Webster, p22

Echoes in the Ether:
Pop-Culturism: Sklar Hast as Jesus, and the Hughes Nebulosity, p22
How to Write in the Style of Scientific Literature, by George Rhoads, p27
Last and Least: Lurulu at Last? p28