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Will the Popularization of Jack Vance Save the West from Plunging into a New Dark Age?
   p1, Paul Rhoads


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Reaction to Reflections on Contemporary Literature, Part 1, p8, Timothy Virkkala


Responce to Timothy Virkkala, p9, Paul Rhoads


Reflections on Being a Vance Reader, in Light of the War on the West, p3, Paul Rhoads


Alfred�s Arc, p6, Paul Rhoads


In Favor of Science Fiction? (Draft intro SF vol. Pao, Dragon Masters, H.G. Wells),
   p10. Paul Rhoads


Response to: In Favor of Science Fiction? p22, Rob Friefeld


SF Volume Intro Redux, p15, Paul Rhoads


Reactions to: In Favor of Science Fiction? Mike Ralston, Derek W. Benson,
   Rob Gerrand, James Jordan


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  Notes from France, and Related Rambling Ruminations (Vancian perspective on
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A Comment on Thomas Sowell�s Concept of Cosmic Justice, p15, Paul Rhoads


The Man from Zodiac (Good government for barbarians), p8, Paul Rhoads


Science and the Science Fiction of Vance (Clarges, Killing M, Narrow L), p15, Paul Rhoads


The European Scene (Tschai, Emphyrio, Anome, Face), p14, Paul Rhoads


Where Have All the Radios Gone? p21, Ian Jackson


Is Jack Vance Anti-Christian? (Voltarian Theism, Jesus a Fraud? Evil Atheists-Naughty
   anti-Christians, Church authority v. individual Conscience, A Christian Writer?
   Vancian Religions, Materialist Spirituality, Neo-Paganism), p15, Paul Rhoads

  Jack's Punch Line, p7, Patrick Dusoulier


A Post-Modernist International Bestseller (Life of Pi, South Park), p18, Paul Rhoads


Reflections on Clarges and Vancian Psychotherapy, p20, Paul Rhoads


The Normal Man and the Exotic Woman (Komeitk Lelianr, Tatzel, Ylin Ylan, Zap 210),
   p23, Paul Rhoads


Thoughts on Throy, p25, Paul Rhoads


Vance, Religion, Sex, and the Emasculation of Parapsyche, p34, Steve Sherman

  Jack�s Name-Recycling, p38, Patrick Dusoulier


Jack in the Cage (Cage theme), p2, Patrick Dusoulier


Remarks on Steve Sherman's Remarks (Religion, Sex), p9, Paul Rhoads


Editorial Notes (Malice theme: Nopalgarth, Cugel), p22, Paul Rhoads


The Roots of Variety in Vancian Characters and Societies, p23, Paul Rhoads


The Vancian Cage (Spiritual cages), p16, Paul Rhoads


Brief Notice: Lurulu, p6, Paul Rhoads


South Park Revisited, p8, Paul Rhoads


The Truth About the Mind (Ports of Call, Plato, Oedipus, Adam and Eve), p10, Paul Rhoads


Empire, Colonization, Globalization and the Gaean Reach, p12, Paul Rhoads


Art Is Fantasy (Ports of Call, Fragonard, Michelangelo, Titian, Churchill), p13, Paul Rhoads


Kelly�s Job (WMD-BBC scandal, Dodkin�s Job), p10, Paul Rhoads


The Blue World, p15, Steve Sherman


Sinister Old Men in Institute Black Versus Breakness Dominies, p10, Paul Rhoads


Myth, and a Vancian Anatomy of the New Culture (Tolkein, Heidegger, Vance villains),
   p7, Paul Rhoads


Don't Look Now! Jack Vance's Dire Beasts and Ghastly Fiends, p19, David B. Williams


Visual Jazz (Art and Literature as Music), p9, Paul Rhoads


Dire Beasts and Sunsets (G.B. Shaw), p5, Paul Rhoads


The Artist as Engineer, and Other Considerations (Man in Cage, Taverns,
   T�sais-Malanthe syndrome, Arab nationalism), p6, Paul Rhoads


Jack Vance as Artist, p4, David Reitsema


The Development of Vancian Cosmological Sociology (Houses of Iszm, Dogtown),
   p9, Paul Rhoads


Very Topical Thoughts on Durdane (Asutra as Interpretive tool of Bush-hate),
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   Star King), p15, Paul Rhoads


Several Ways of Looking at Jack Vance, p19, Matthew Paris


Reactions to Reaction to �Jack Vance as Artist�, p3, Paul Rhoads


More BBS BS (Casmir, Woudiver, homophobia), p6, Paul Rhoads, D. B. Williams, P. Dusoulier


How to Praise Lurulu, p8, Paul Rhoads


Letter (VIE titles), p 26, David B. Williams


Rlaru, Lurulu, and the Grand Tournament at Mornune, p9, Paul Rhoads


More Thoughts on VIE Titles (Reaction to David B. Williams), p16, Paul Rhoads


Title Mania Redux (Reaction to David B. Williams in Csmpls#59), p3, Paul Rhoads


The European Union and the Vancian Imperiums, p7, Paul Rhoads


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   purple magic, teleology of shopping), p3, Paul Rhoads


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Persona, Culture, And The Flight Of The Winged Being (Phalid�s Fate, Solzhenitsyn),
   p2, Paul Rhoads


Can Pnume Swim? p17, Michael Parsons


The Plot of Blue World (Cadwal, Domains of Koryphon) , p3, by Paul Rhoads


Between Heaven And Earth (Authorial Stance, Alfred�s Ark, Lyonesse), p1, Paul Rhoads


Vance�s Writings And The Saga Of Religious Belief (Religous impact of Adam Reith),
    p8, Michael Parsons


Style And The Spenglerian Atmosphere, p12, Paul Rhoads


Reaction to: Saga Of Religious Belief, p10, Paul Rhoads

  Cadwal And The New Menace Of Ecological-hegemony, p4, Paul Rhoads


The Pulpish Plot (E.C. Tubb, Demon Princes, Men Return, Cugel), p3, Paul Rhoads


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Between Infinity And The Eliatic Illusion (Metaphysical atmospheres, Aristotle versus Plato,
   situation of infinity, paradox of the pet animal), p3, Paul Rhoads


A Thousand Words About Pictures (Jacques-Emile Blanche), p1, Paul Rhoads


My Uncle�s Library, p3, Paul Rhoads


Democratic Art (Last Castle, Leo Strauss, class), p3, Paul Rhoads

EXTANT#14 The Gaean Reach Setting, p 3, Paul Rhoads, Tim Stretton, Chuck King
  A Vance Treasury, p 5, Paul Rhoads
  The Domains of Koryphon, Perceiving Vance, Aesthetically and Ideologically,
   p 8, Paul Rhoads
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  Some theorerical aspects of the Domains of Koryphon, p18, Paul Rhoads
EXTANT#17 Thinking About Vance, p1, by Paul Rhoads
  The mystery novels, The Domains of Koryphon and the the SVU
   (Vance's marxian stratum), p1, Paul Rhoads